Friday, December 5, 2014

Energy Crew Moving & Transportation reviews (3.4 stars)

Parool Joshi
a month ago
Great! We hired EnergyCrew to move us from one end of town to the other. They were on time, professional, and affordable. We had a mid town pick up to add to the total items before the final destination and they accommodated us without an issue. Everything arrived without any damage. Could not be happier with the move.
Judy Plourde
9 months ago
This company charged me double the quote. Showed up with a filthy dirty rental truck, only one mover out of three knew what he was doing the other two were temporary staff without any training, one was carrying my small A/C upside down. I have moved three times in three years have minimal furniture and am extremely organized. My belongings were damaged including my couch, everything was dirty. The wardrobe box I ordered was plastic and broken, my clothes arrived in a broken dirty heap. Please find another company this one is not worth your hard earned money or the complete disregard for your belongings. I did speak to the manager who really didn't care at all.
kanchan maharaj
a year ago
Hired Energy Crew to move from my Etobicoke Condo to my Junction Townhouse. They were 45minutes late, but Treigh called to let me know. I booked 2 movers but only 1 showed up. He wanted to get started right away and said the other guy "was on the way" - after 30 minutes of just one guy and me helping him I called the office (they never answer, but do tend to return calls) and said I wasn't paying full price for the first hour if I only have one mover.
The second guy showed up 40 minutes into the move.
Several times I came out of my condo to see where they were and I saw one of them constantly talking on his cell phone - sometimes sitting down in my hallway to do it.
When we arrived at my destination (they arrived 30 minutes after I did, even after passing me 5 minutes into the 30min drive - they obviously stopped somewhere) the security bar across the back of the truck holding all my stuff in place had come off - my bookcases were on top of my bicycle. The front-facing edges of the formerly brand new bookcases were all damaged.
At the end of the move I was given a 1/2hr discount on the total cost to make up for only having one guy at the start. I didn't bother to seek compensation for the bookcase damage based on the "success" of other reviewers and because I didn't want to deal with them again.
Steven Hegedus
a year ago
Booked the the move for a date. I was supposed to recieve an email confirmation. When I never recieved it, I attempted to call, at least every other day, and recieved thier answering machine each time. Each time I left a message to return my call so I could update or verify my email address to confirm the move.

In the three weeks I attempted to get a hold of the 'crew' for my move, not once was my call returned.

I do not believe that anyone should be working with a business that does not have the common courtesy to call thier customers back - especially after a three week, multiple call period.

I would rather spend extra money with a company that knows how to use a telephone.
Saj Qureshi
a year ago
This is the worst moving company I have ever used. I should have done my homework as I have now discovered that they are not approved by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which makes complete sense.They showed up late, purposely moved slow to jack up the price to the point that our building security who had been monitoring them on camera confronted them. They damaged almost every piece of furniture they touched, and broke a $900 bed frame, offering $40 in compensation as if they were doing us a favour. There were no blankets or coverings used, so after they slid our couch across the truck floor the upholstery was ruined. Don't be fooled by the reviews online recommending them. After writing them to complain, not surprisingly, there was no response. I would never recommend this company to even my worst enemy.
Bradley Evelyn
a year ago
I hired Energy Crew Moving because of their attention to detail and was glad to find the actual service was much better than I could have expected. Energy took the hassle out of moving large furniture and small items, moved everything to the floors and rooms we had requested, even went out of their way to ensure all furniture and valuables were protected. Some other companies had offered to move me for a little bit cheaper, but they also said it was a best guess based on the job type. Energy assured that his price was flat and there wouldn't be extra costs associated with the move. I am extremely happy, and would gladly recommend them to anyone else looking for professiona moving services.
Cecilia Cho
a year ago
Energy crew was referred by friends who had very satisfactorily used them in the 6 months, so surprised but hopeful I gave them a call.
I thought it odd that I hadn't received a return call from them within 24 hours, especially since it was a potential business. (In my experience, companies generally call by end of day if it means possible business.) I gave them a final call even with the feelings of reservation in my gut, and someone picked up.
The move itself was pretty good, let me correct that by saying, Joe, was awesome, he definitely deserves the medal on energy. The other fellow must have been having an off day, though with my husband egging him on, he also put in a fair job.
Now, the problem lies in that a couple of items were left on their truck, (nothing major, just a pesky shelf for my refrigerator, and a flexible piece of plexiglass) for which I immediately called and, left a message. (At this point I'm wondering if there really is an operating office for Energy Crew, and is it staffed?)
Well, THREE telephone messages later and a few more attempts but no messages(hoped to catch someone during business hours, with no sucess) I've finally given up.
I'm known to be persistent when required, but even I can't figure out how to get my darn refrigerator shelf. That's all I wanted.
Our move was on April 21, 2013 and I have given up the return of my shelf, or hearing about it. (Mind you, perhaps now I'll also receive a call from Treigh?)
Adam M
a year ago
These guys were spectacular - punctual, polite, and most importantly, able to move even my heaviest furniture with apparent ease. I only paid for 2 guys, but 3 showed up anyway. Junior was especially helpful.
Adam Sepa
a year ago
REALLY GOOD JOB, on time and they were very fast... thanks again guy your friend ! :)
A Google User
A Google User
3 years ago
Did not have a good experience with this company. The administrators were helpful and friendly; and on the day of the move they called in advance to indicate they were running late. All good. The actual movers were not very careful with the furniture, several pieces ended up getting damaged. They also didn't take my suggestion on how to load the truck based on the work that needed to be done at multiple locations, they ended up having to unload the entire truck as they didn't listen to what was going to the new destination and what was going to storage. The initial invoice I signed when they were leaving was a bit higher than I expected, only to get a call a few days later saying that it was SIGNIFICANTLY higher, as the crew didn't account for their time accordingly. The final price ended up being nearly double what I was quoted for the size of my home. Not pleased. If you have a simple move and furniture that you don't cherish, they can probably help you. I won't be using them again.
A Google User
A Google User
4 years ago
These guys called to say they'd be a tad late when most wouldnt bother, they had no hidden fees, treated my possessions with care and moved me in record time. They were courteous, professional and even did a move that wasnt scheduled (I had items that needed to go elsewhere) and didnt charge me for it or complain about it.

I'd use these guys again, in a heartbeat.
A Google User
A Google User
4 years ago may want to prepare yourself if you have intentions of writing a review that is unfavourable on the behalf of this company, as I did just that... I wrote about my experience with this company, the services...or rather lack of services I was provided and then a couple of days later was sent an email by an individual named Treigh. In this email Treigh threatens to take legal action and sue me for the character assassination of the company and for expressing my views...experience with the company.

Three things though: 1. Freedom of Expression 2. You absolutely CANNOT get blood out of a stone 3. They are called review boards for a reason and they exist for a reason, so people can make a calculated choice on which company to choose based on the honesty and opinions of those who have used the company and kindly took the time to blog about it.
A Google User
A Google User
3 years ago
Awful moving company. They were 1.5h late and weren't returning my calls. They did hundreds of dollars worth of damage to my furniture and my new floors. Can't ever reach anybody of the phone. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY


  1. As a recent customer of Energy Crew Movers, I do not recommend their services.

    We arranged our move through Energy Crew, who provided an estimate for their packing service (+ supplies) and their moving service based off information, photos and descriptions of the contents of our condo. The estimate came to about $500.

    From the get-go the communication was poor. I had to repeatedly follow-up by email as I was not receiving any responses. This should have been a big warning sign. Not all my questions were answered either.

    Side note: The website says you can get 3 movers for the price of 2 if you book before the 25th of "any month", but upon inquiry, I was told that was only for winter months (even though it does not say that on the website and I booked in early March, which is Winter). Be warned if this is a selling point for you: it is false advertising.

    My wife and I were out of country, so we arranged for my dad to be at our place during the move. He took the day off and came over on moving day and waited. No one showed up. An hour later we still had not heard from Energy Crew, and their phone number goes straight to a machine. After multiple emails and messages, they got in touch an hour an a half after the movers were supposed to have arrived and said the truck had been in an accident. Their rep said a replacement crew would be there in an hour. Over an hour later, still no one. They said they needed another hour for a crew to show up. Finally it was suggested we reschedule the move. My dad took the day off work for nothing and now had to take off another day.

    As a result, Energy Crew said our packing service would be free. This seemed reasonable.

    Before the movers came the second time, I emailed asking if there was anything we needed to prepare on our side. We were told no.

    When the movers arrived on the new date, they did not bring any packing supplies, saying we had to provide them. After finding the email that clarified the cost of the supplies they were going to bring, they admitted their mistake and went back to the office to get the supplies. Turns out I would have to pay for the extra time here because of their mistake too.

    As a result, they said the supplies would be free as well.

    After the move was complete, the bill came out to be nearly $100 more than the estimate for the move + packing (even though the packing estimated at 1.5 hours and the supplies were supposedly free). My dad paid them because we were out of the country and I emailed Energy Crew asking if it was right, and how it could be that we are paying more even though we should be receiving a promised discount.

    They apologised yet again and the rep said he was going to look into it that evening and send me a breakdown of the invoice that night.

    One week later and I have heard nothing. I sent them this review before posting and suddenly they got back in touch and admitted they made a mistake and refunded the time spent on packing. Hardly trustworthy.

    On top of this, when we got back to Canada we went to our storage locker and found our mattress was not wrapped (we were never offered) and was just moved with the sheets still on it. They are torn and greasy. And the movers dumped a bucket of cleaning supplies sideways on top of the mattress, with a variety of cleaners leaking out and soaking into the mattress.


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