Saturday, February 21, 2015

Avery Moving - Toronto Movers & Storage (4.2 stars)

a year ago
We had a great experience during our move in February. We lucked out as it wasn't too cold, but the move turned out to be complicated and annoying for the movers. They did not complain, try to add in any extra fees, they were true professionals. They were completely respectful of our items and of time. They did not go over the estimate and earned every dollar of their tip.

We have recommended them a couple times and those people have been just as happy!
Anthony Novikov
9 months ago
Guys moved my office 3 weeks ago. I am totally satisfied. Nothing was damaged and they clean after. Recommend to everyone who is looking for professional movers.
Suzanne Barbara
a year ago
i moved with these jokers 3 years ago. and they took 5 hours to clear out a 600sq ft apartment. they also put a hole through the wall while doing it.
Then when the truck arrived at my new place, they extorted money from me. They forced me to pay them cash, for double the original estimate or they would refuse to move my stuff in,
they said they'd come help fix the hole put in the previous place - as i had just sold it to new owners - but they never answered the phone once. (before the move, i even clarified if i could pay with a cheque and they said yes - but i guess they need cash when it turns into extortion)
i should have called the police when they forced me to pay cash after holding my furniture. but instead, i'll just post bad reviews whenever i come across one of their ads.
Michael Bennie
2 years ago
Just finished my move with these guys from Mississauga to Brampton. It was a fantastic experience, the guys showed up on time (in fact a few minutes early), I had everything packed and ready to go and there were no issues. The movers were friendly and professional and took a great deal of care with all my items. The rates were reasonable (there are cheaper movers out there, but read their reviews and you'll see why). Can't say enough good things, would use again without hesitation.
Alina Kalinkova
2 years ago
Outstanding moving company. I had them relocate my entire apartment this week. They did an amazing job. All I had to worry about is packing my clothing. Worth every penny!
Wilfred Lambillion
2 years ago
Great moving company. I contracted them for my office move - they got things done exceptionally well. Couldn't picture a better outcome.
Hira Garfitt
2 years ago
Great service, great pricing.. not much else to say. Made moving a heck of alot simpler than I last recalled it to be.
Ataraiti Brainsby
2 years ago
All around good experience. Everything was done without a hickup, I'll use them for my next move.
Arashi Gerrels
2 years ago
Avery Moving is great! I used them to move our business to a new location. They were great! Very careful with our things and very professional!
A Google User
A Google User
3 years ago
I would not use this company again. They arrived 2 hours late saying one of their employees had disappeared with the truck and they had to find a new truck. Then when this employee showed up with the truck 3 hours late, they allowed him to join in on the move! They worked very slowly (6 hours for a 850 sq ft 2 bedroom that was 100% packed with only a small amount of loose items and only about a 10 minute drive to where we were moving). In a sense, they were what we expected from the guys who charge $45 - $65 per hour. Except they charge $95 - $115 per hour!! The owner assured us this price meant we would get a better service but this was not the case. I would never use this company again. The $30-$50 per hour increase is just not worth it. I will say that none of our stuff was broken or dented, which was good.
A Google User
A Google User
4 years ago
WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! If you are moving and considering a storage, be careful with them. They lost my furniture after using their storage. Owner said it's not 100% their fault so they will only pay 50% of my furniture. Be sure that even if they lose your furniture, it's not covered in the insurance. They said if it's damaged, maybe covered but not when it's lost. I didn't go with the fight too long so I've agreed to share responsibility of 50%. I've sent an invoice to them and from there, no response whatsoever from the owner.



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