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Troy Transportation Moving and Storage Reviews, (2.2 stars) [bad company]

Kimberly Brown
2 months ago
Nov 30, 2014, Maple Ridge
TERRIBLE COMPANY.. quoted me for $3500.. charged me for over $7000 !! when questioning the weight, customer service would throw it back in my face that it was my fault not accounting for all my stuff in the estimate. Refusing to rescale, and I still haven't received a scale invoice from them. They gave less then 24hrs notice before delivery, and wouldn't listen when I told them the weather was terrible (storm) and I may not be able to get to the bank.. gave me no other options and were quick to quote how much they'd charge me if I was late with payment.. ($100 every 1/2 hr late) but then when I called to see where they were, they changed the time of delivery by several hours due to the weather. Go figure. Haven't yet been able to go through my belongings however, a couple furniture items were obviously damaged and several boxes looked uncared for. I had to tell the MOVERS to be careful when offloading my stuff as they were rough right in front of me. All around a terrible experience and would NEVER use them again.
Ian O'Leary
11 months ago
I was lucky to avoid some of the problems listed by other customers. All my stuff got there when they said it would, and nothing was seriously damaged. My issue was with their deceptive charges. They advertised X pounds of my furniture and goods at a flat rate, then Y cents per pound over. They didn't mention that they would fill up the tank of gas for the 18 wheeler before putting it on the scale and then subtract the weight of the vehicle (as if it were empty) to get the number of pounds over the flat rate. So essentially, your variable charge included between 150 to 300 GALLONS of liquid. My move from Ottawa to Toronto cost just a hair under $2000.00. As the final insult, they tried to slap on a 3% "convenience charge" for using a credit card to pay. Thankfully, I checked with my bank on that one, and they told me that the charge was flatly illegal, and they'd investigate the company with the RCMP if they charged the fee. The company backed down quick when I told them that. Still, I bet ~90% of the customers will pay it. Not recommended AT ALL.
Matthew St James
6 months ago
Terrible. Waited 2 months for my household to arrive, every time I called they said it would be there in a few days. When it did finally arrive they tried to charge me $2000 dollars more than the quote, claiming I had over 1500 lbs more than I did. I had to force them to re-weigh the shipment and lo and behold the extra weight disappeared - absolute crooks. Finally then ruined a $5000 piece of art and gave us someone else boxes, when we did mange to get ours, one was missing and the boxes were in Horrible shape. Fair warning.
Scott Biron
a year ago
Please do yourself a favor and do not use this company under any circumstances. NOT ONE thing that they said has been true. Inflated shipping weight, didn't disclose storage charges, wrong storage city then promised, sent one person to load, won't try to solve any customer complaints. They are always right. Once they have your stuff, you have to pay their bill or you won't get it. I wish I had taken head of the prior reviews more closely. I post this and haven't even received my goods yet. I don't want to wait and have someone else make the same mistake.
Rosa Dunya
a year ago
Great Service! I hired the company to help relocate my mother from Ontario to Alberta and I was very happy with the results. We had the pick up in July and recent accepted delivery. Storage rates were great and service was amazing.
My mother was very happy with the crew at both ends, young fellows with great attitude. Thank you for the great service, and thank you for taking care of our family.

Rosa D.
David Victoire
6 months ago
Worst companie ever. The customer service hang out the phone, the delivery took more time then expected. Should never contact them.
Maja Seg
a year ago
AWFUL service. There is no reason for anyone to go to this company. Just look around at reviews on different websites. You will find the SAME PROBLEM. Inaccurate delivery times, dishonest promises about delivery times, threats to keep the furniture unless higher fees are paid than promised, mishandling of furniture, loss of boxes without any refund. Both Sofia and Alice were nice until the company picked up had our furniture. When it was time to deliver it on the promised date, they disappeared and didn't answer phones. We were left without our furniture for a week after the date they said they would deliver, not knowing when and if we would receive it. Please contact me and I can send you pictures of how they kept our things as well. DO NOT GO TO THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL SUFFER AND REGRET IT.
Sharon Raysberg
a year ago
After my retirement we had decided to relocate to Victoria, BC to be closer to our kids and grandkids. We were looking around for the best price and service and came across Troy Moving. They were wonderful to deal with and were always quick to respond during the booking process. After the move took place they were still great to deal with (sometimes this tends to change) and we were happy with the overall proces. Offered us a crating/packing service and we gladly accepted as we thought that the extra few bucks for packing is well worth the purchase. Overall a good experience and we had a good vibe from the very beginning with the sales rep.Didnt regret my desicion.
David Barbuto
2 years ago
This was the worst mover ever. They have men that can't speak English. They didn't wrap our furniture in blankets until I told them to. They were reckless. They scratched hardwood flooring, walls and broke my armoire. They damaged the house we were leaving and the house that we moved to. The move cost $800 but I had damages over $4000 and they only paid me $55.00. They are not professional, empathetic, they are just pathetic.
Chun-Yip Hon
2 years ago
This is a horrible moving company and I would suggest that you do yourself a favour and not even bother calling them. If there was a TERRIBLE rating on Google, that is what I would choose. I was duped into believing that they would be competent to move my belongings from Vancouver to Toronto. Boy was I wrong! The problems occurred after I signed on the dotted line and gave them a deposit. You would think that a family of 3 making a long distance move that booked 4 months in advance, would be given an early morning time as requested on moving day. Not with Troy. They claimed that it is NOT possible until the day before. Really!?!?! They messed up my contact information, messed up the date when my car was supposed to be picked up, and their crew walked out on us on moving day! I had earmarked some items for initial delivery while we stayed with family until we found a place of our own. They only delivered a portion of the items that marked. They claimed that it was too small to see. How is it that if I indicated that adult bikes be delivered earlier, you would think that they kids' bike would also be delivered. But no they did not. And you know why, when I eventually received the kids bike back, the handle bars were bent so that it was completely parallel to the frame!!! They damaged a significant number of pieces of furniture, they did not wrap the material with blankets like they were supposed to (I have tape marks/residue on some pieces), and they outright lied. We incurred over $2000 worth of damages and they offered us less than $10! They even went so far as to claim that some items are not covered by their basic liability because "the clients did the packing". We know for a fact that we wanted their so-called "experienced" crew to pack for us because we did not have the proper material. Who is the one that placed it on and off the truck then? THEY ARE CRIMINALS AND SHOULD NOT BE IN THIS BUSINESS. Save yourself the anxiety and take your business elsewhere.
Andrew M
2 years ago
DON'T USE THIS COMPANY, DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS ME AND READ THIS AND OTHER RECENT REVIEWS. Bottom line: Troy Moving took two months to move my stuff an 8 hour drive and charged us money for their mistakes. When they first tried delivering my stuff I told them they could come any day after Monday and made sure they acknowledged this. Despite that, the driver showed up Monday morning and when I wasn't there to accept the delivery they moved my stuff across the country and back and doubled the cost of my move because they messed up. They held us hostage until we would pay a huge fee and then took a month to deliver our stuff once we agreed to pay it because we had no other choice. Moving with them is like giving your stuff to criminals, don't do it!
Zach Degner
a year ago
DO NOT USE! My shipment of 800 lbs (weighed myself prior to shipping) was charged at 1800 lbs and they would not provide a scale ticket. Goods were then held hostage. Caused a lot of undue stress!
Ryan D
2 years ago
My wife and I were moving from Edmonton to Winnipeg and needed to find a moving company. We checked on the BBB and found Troy Moving and Storage, they had a good rating and we decided to go with them. When my wife called the company, we were asked to give in detail all that was to e moved, we explained that we lived on the fourth floor of an apartment complex and had no elevator, however, no mention was made of any added costs associated with not having any elevator. On the day of the move, we were a little confused when a moving company came to pack up our furniture but it was not Troy. Troy had contgracted out the move to another Edmonton based company that was rated extremely low on the BBB and had numerous complaints associated with them. One of the movers said we had to pay extra because we lived in an apartment where there were stairs and no elevator. The mover went on to explain that two of their newly hired african employees had no idea what they were doing and and that he didn't know why they were even hired. One of the other gentlemen also explained that there was no need to pack our lamps because they were going to break on the way anyway. The person who seemed to be in charge of the move was extremely rude to my wife and I, after we had questioned the extra cost associated with the stairs, he was completely unprofessional and it made the move extremely uncomfortable.
In our contract, it speculated that Troy would store our furniture for 5 weeks and deliver when we found our place in Winnipeg and that they needed 1 week lead time so they can deliver. We found our place in Winnipeg and called Troy 2 weeks prior to when we were going to be taking over possession of our condo. Troy explained to us that it would be delivered to us on Oct. 1st. On the sunday (Sept 30), the day before the move my wife called Troy to find out when they would be coming for the move. The general sales manager explained that there had been a delay and that our furniture would be delivered in 3-7 days "guaranteed". This was also what was explained to us in our contract (the 3-7 days to move guaranteed). We waited until Oct 6 which was 6 days passed and my wife once again called inquiring about the delivery time. Alice (general manager) explained that there was once again another delay and that the delivery would not take place until Wednesday or Thursday October 10/11th. We asked if she would be able to pin point which day it would be but she said it was "out of her hands" and that she would know the day before. Agitated and frustrated, we accepted and expected our deliver on either Wednesday or Thursday, we also explained that we were going to be leaving the country on a trip Friday afternoon and that it needed to be delivered before Friday. The next day we called Alice and she explained that there was indeed another delay and that it was going to be Friday. Alice was completely unable to explain to me exactly why there was another delay and kept explaining it was "out of her control" and that it was a slow move. We then made plans for my brother to be present during the move because we were going to be out of the country. Friday, we spoke to Alice again and once again there was another delay and the delivery would take place Saturday morning, at this time we are getting extremely frustrated with the lack of information we are receiving from Troy and the pathetic excuses to why this is happening. My brother then recieved a call from another Troy employee (Not alice) asking if we had stairs in the condo, he said that we did and told my brother to have $200 cash for cost of having stairs to climb. I called and spoke to Alice and about this and she once again had no answers. She then told me of the final delay until Sunday morning and they finally delivered on Oct 14th, almost 1 month after we contacted them for delivery. This company is a complete joke and their customer service is the WORST I have ever experienced.
Rebecca Gaudry
2 years ago
I used Troy Moving this passed August. When it came to the initial move in Halifax I found them quick, easy and efficient. It was all down hill from there.... They had given us dates to deliver which they reneged on, not just by a few days, but by weeks. When we called and asked what the issue was they told us only that is was "coming in a few days". The receptionist Naomi was completely unhelpful, rude and sarcastic.Later we found out the truck had broke down.. IN HALIFAX. We had already been in Ottawa for three weeks at this point. It took over thirty-eight phone calls to figure out the issue. Finally, when the movers had arrived, not only did they barely speak English but they were rude. One mover started smoking while working(by all means, take a break, but don't smoke while you are working) and attempted to go into the house with a cigarette in his mouth. They also tried to give us stuff that didn't belong to us. This was the most unfortunate experience I have ever had I feel as though I was completely taken advantage of by this company. I WOULD NOT ADVISE ANYONE TO MOVE WITH THIS COMPANY.
M Jones
2 years ago

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