Sunday, November 23, 2014

Icm Moving & Storage reviews

3 months ago
Great service from some of the best people in the moving business. From the first call to the last hand shake. I am so pleased with the service Inner city movers provided to my family. They were honest and straight forward, They never sugar coated the work and cost involved. After coming to an agreement they came in and took charge of the move. Every thing was pack and move with out a single incident. Everything was perfect! The movers were polite, helpful and very good at what they do. I would and already have recommended Inner City Moving to others.
Thanks for your hard work.
onile thompson
2 months ago
We used inner city moving before and find them to be reliable and helpful. They did an amazing job moving our furniture. They were professional throughout the move. they are efficient. caring and honest. they make moving stress free and their pricing was fair. We will use inner city moving again and recommend them to any one moving.
Ilias Loui Dallas
3 months ago
Fabulous, professional, friendly service that is competitively priced. Paul and George completed my move according to plan. They packed up all of my belongings the day before and then transported everything to my new place without incident. I strongly recommend them.
jane Doe
6 months ago
Positive- arrived on time. Agreed to the $35.00 discount (should asked for more)I asked for because of the the stress they caused.
Negative- They refused to use the sofa covers I provided to protect my white leather sofas, they only wrapped the parts that would touch the ground, as a result there was a dirty hand print on the sofa and one of them bled on it, from a scratch on his hand. Paul gauged a hole in my leather bed frame, fine accidents do happen. Paul said he would make it right and fix it but would need to take the piece. I moved Saturday, he said I may be able to get it back same day, if not Tuesday, he would call. He did not call, I called left a message, my call was not returned till the next day 3PM to say he can have someone deliver it at 4PM. I scrambled to do my errand earlier to be back in time, got held up, was 10mins late coming back, the person called said they were at my door and going to leave the piece. I asked him not to, he said ok, he'll wait. When I arrived it was left at my door. The repair was also very poorly done, the damage still very visible, just appeared to be glued together with black glue. When I called to book they said they accept credit card, but end of the move did not want to accept it because of credit card fees. I had to drive to the bank for cash as they followed me. These guys sound very nice on the phone but have extremely poor customer service skills. I DO NOT recommend their services.
Response from the owner4 months ago
As we stride to improve our services we welcome customer feed back. Customer satisfactions remains our most important gold. We work with our customers by listening to there concerns and needs. Our customers advise and input is much appreciated But on how to move there furniture the final decision is our to make. Its not safe or practical to move a rather large bulky 3 seater sofa trough tight door ways or in and out of elevators with a loose cove just thrown over it. After explaining the draw backs We remove the cover and carefully shrink wrap the sofa as it was the right thing to do in this case. We apologize for the hand print but the sofa was move with out a single scratch. (Our mission) Customer disassembled the bed and laded a sharp edge on top the piece. With no knowledge of this when the piece was pick up it in part cause the hole. We tried to get it fix that day mainly because it was a long weekend and we wanted the customer to have her bed. We rush the piece over to our repair guy. The piece was repaired and returned with in 24 hours. unfortunate the repair man could not get a 100% satisfactions because the fabric was a synthetic and not leather as first belief. Customer satisfactions remains out primary gold. We apologize and compensate the customer for the inconvenience. We had the piece repaired and return with in 24 hours on a long week end. We are open to discuss any issues or concerns the customer may have.
Jerry Valentine
a year ago
Recommended by a friend, Intercity moving is a excellent and professional moving company. I highly recommend them. The mover was careful, fast and take good care of our belongings. They wrapped, padded and protected every last piece of my furniture. Better yet they got all the work done within the window of time we scheduled. I should also note that our apartment was on the 2nd floor. I recommend Innercity moving and would use then again.
tom persan
a year ago
Great move overall. The movers were on time, professional, courteous, fast and very careful. nice crew to work with from start to finish, very respectful with our stuff. Andrea and crew was just marvelous.We save $$$ comparing to the competition.Highly recommend this company.
jack brown
a year ago
With so many companies calling and sending emails i finally agreed to go with Inner City Moving, Paul was helpful on the phone and i could tell he had good insite on what he was doing, We had a good experience over all, Movers was friendly and really caring and respectful about our things, We had the feeling these guys truly wanted to help, even though the move took longer than originally quoited "understandably so" Money was never the main issue, they wanted us moved. I've moved a lot of times in my whole life Inner city moving is by far the best I have ever came across. I recommend them, they're respectful, caring, safe, and straight forward. A MUST MOVE MOVING COMPANY !

Thanks for your hard work and understanding Andrea, Allen and Mark..
Noah Brown
a year ago
I was very happy with how well my move went. The teamwork was excellent, they guys were great and it went quickly. They also took good care of all my stuff and absolutely nothing was broken. The move was completely stress free. I will definitely hire them again.
Jay M
a year ago
DO NOT USE. Moved from a 2 bedroom condo. Showed up an hour late - this was an issue since the elevator was booked for 3 hours and another move was scheduled after. This was flagged before hand as a potential issue but still showed up late. Truck was too small - didn't fit all contents despite rather limited contents - moved from a 2 bedroom condo less than 1000 sq feet with no dining or kitchen table. Had called prior to move requesting sufficiently sized truck. Supposedly had moved a 3 bedroom home in the truck they sent - impossible as truck was sub 20 feet. Took them an hour to drive from condo to new location which was only 6km and move was on a Saturday so traffic was limited.
Response from the ownera year ago
Our mission is to offer a good, honest service to our customers and on that day that is what we provided. With an average of 10 to 12 moves a week, we are proud of our record and the great many satisfied customers we have served. We did send the correct size truck for a 2-bedroom unit. We were hampered as unfortunately the customer had not completed packing. With lose items and bits and pieces floating around it made out job that much harder. Our advice is to have your items properly packed in boxes so that they can be moved safely and quickly to our fully equipped trucks. On the day of the move, there was gridlock in the down town: Between summer construction, The ROM Walk and a organize protest there was just no getting through the traffic. This was certainly out of our control and it was slow progress to the condo - it took longer than anyone could have anticipated. Driving to the new location was, indeed about 6 kilometres, but the roads were congested with people marching, there were many enforced diversions from construction and events of the day! But we got to the location with no damage to property and absolutely no losses. Its unfortunate we were late, this led to lost use of the elevator, we did offered to collect the small number of items that remained in their old location. After giving us a hearty tip, the customers said "no problem" and we left them to set up in their new home. Innercity Moving has been in business for over twenty-five years and strives to make all our moves as stress free as possible. It is unfortunate that there was a problem navigating through traffic on this particular day, but the lesson here is to check for events happening in your area which may affect your move. A little bit of foresight can avoid a lot of stress.
Roxanna Genus
2 years ago
We used Inner City moving 3 times now and just love how well things go with these guys, they showed up on time, they wrap all the furniture before moving them, they charge what was promis and they were just excellent movers..Thank you Paul, Malcolm and Alrick thanks Inner City moving...
A Google User
A Google User
3 years ago
We used Innercity moving a month ago to move our house from Ajax to Toronto. I would like to take this time to thank you guys for such an amazing and wonderful job. We will surely recommend your work to others and we appreciate the high level of professionalism.

A Google User
A Google User
4 years ago
they arrived on time,they did not cancel me like the other
company,they were carefull with my delicate items,
the supervisor stayed,and suppervised my high end
items,they are polite,they were careful not to scratch
my floors,they did not over charge me,thanks for a great job,
I will use inner city again
A Google User
A Google User
5 years ago
Response from the owner3 years ago
What this person fail to say was that he called at the very last minute and i mean the very last minute. After taking to one of my help i realize the time frame was no good i was on the other side of town the hype of rush hour the effort i had to make to get to his location was huge. i called back with in 30 minutes of the original call to explain my position. he beg and beg unit i gave in, the extra cost was to offset the extra time it was going to take. at that point he totally agreed. we did the pick up and when we got to the delivery point he refuse to pay he turned in to a monster called us some words i have never herd before, i decided to cut my lost and move. given the time he called i had all rights to cancel but i went out of my way to help. by the way the extra cost was $30.
A Google User
A Google User
3 years ago
great people to have working for you. fast reliable and very polite.


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