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Trans Moving Toronto(movers) reviews

2 weeks ago
I am a returning customer of Trans Moving, they mostly help me with bringing long distance goods from Florida. They are a great polite hard working team, that you should not hesitate to hire! They work around your budget and will try to accommodate you as much as possible, at least that has been my experience with them. Big thanks to Yuri and Dasha for their business!
Manreet Brar
3 months ago
The worst ever moving company! The company is run by 2 people and use gmail or yahoo account which should have been a signal when I hired them.
I hired them to move one bedroom apartment from Toronto to Boston. The nightmare started when the movers who were scheduled to arrive at 2 pm for pick up reached at 4.30 p.m without any boxes. Which moving company will arrive without boxes? And they asked me to arrange boxes from the LCBO or superstore. When I called the owner, he picked up the phone after 30-40 minutes and told me that I am disturbing him as it’s a Sunday. Who asked them to commit the moving on Sunday? The moving guys were constantly complaining that they were paid by only for 1.5 hours and its taking them more time to move the stuff. Is this my problem? No professionalism at all.
Then came another nightmare. While moving they left the moving wardrobe unattended in the lobby for 15 minutes and my three Hugo Boss suits worth $ 4000 were stolen. They informed me about this when they left the apartment and after loading everything. When I called the owner, he said he has no idea and I should go to police as the items were missing during moving in the building. After loading and leaving from the building, the owner threatened that I should go to police and don’t disturb him otherwise he will leave the stuff at some storage warehouse. I had no option but to listen to him as I had flight in the evening to Boston. Shouldn’t they be liable as they were moving and left unattended? I had to go to police and meet the building authorities to run the much extra headache when you are moving.
Now comes the delivery date. The delivery was scheduled for 4 pm and we were waiting till 10 pm to get an update. No communication. Owner said can’t reach out to driver. Driver called at 10 pm that he will reach at 3 am. I told him that I cant get it delivered at 3 am but he can come at 6 am as I have to leave for work at 9 am. Finally he reached at 7 am and asked if I have the saw to cut the lock because at the border, they put the lock. Doesn’t the moving companies know the procedures at the border and shouldn’t they have the equipment.?
He just wanted to leave and suggested that I leave the apartment open and he will unload and leave. How can I leave the apartment open? I asked him to come back at 4pm. During the day he called couple of times to negotiate to increase the price by an hour he had to wait for me. But after back and forth yelling at me, I had to explain him it was not my fault but there as he reached late. His argument was that he reached at 7 am and not his problem to cut the lock. He had to wait to let the shops open and buy the saw.
When I reached at 3 pm, he said I will have to pay 10 % extra as apartment was on second floor. He said this is in contract. Nothing sort of 10 % was mentioned on the contract. Again, he threatned that if I don’t pay, he will drop my stuff at some warehouse in Canada. I just paid and wanted to get rid of them.
I think all the reviews are posted by themselves otherwise who would like to deal with these kind of movers. Pay bit more and have peace of mind. Never hire them.
Lauren Tsinberg
10 months ago
I have just recently moved my home with Trans Moving, and I wanted to share with everyone who is looking to move their home about my experience with this company. In my email conversation with the manager, he had explained everything to me, gave me options to choose from and explained each option in detail. This left me feeling well aware of what was going to happen, what I was going to be charged for and how the company operates. When it came down to the moving date, the team that I had reserved showed on time, with all the equipment that was mentioned in the conversation. The moving guys were very friendly and careful with my belongings. They finished before the estimated time, so they only charged me for the time that they had worked, which I highly appreciated since I had been overcharged with moving companies in the past. Big thank you to them once again for making this a smooth move for me.
Lily Lashko
6 months ago
My husband and I called to Trans Moving Toronto, because several of our friends used there services before, and all of them are happy. So we decided to give a shot too. Very pleasant crew, polite, and very professional. We moved from Toronto to New York, big move....and nothing is damaged. They even assemble all our furniture
We are very happy. I want to say a special thanks to Yuri.
Maja Palvan
a year ago
Overall impression: I'm a satisfied customer and I'm strongly recommending that you get in touch with Trans Moving before your next move. They let me know what time frame was available (start time) and the price estimation. I confirmed, impressed with the price, prompt response, and friendly tone of the emails.All my stuff was skillfully moved up and down a couple flights-all safe and sound, no damage & nothing missing. We had a small hiccup with an item we both overlooked and left behind at my old place, but these guys followed through big time. They also gave me ride in the truck with them to my new place. Easy to work with, fairly priced, and they don't break stuff. What more could you ask for? Thanks for Yuri and movers team.
Lesley McPerson
a year ago
I've never written a review... but I can't pass up the opportunity to truly thank and recommend Trans Moving. They called me the day of the move to let me know they were ahead of schedule, and arrived early to get started, even including a fourth guy at no extra charge. This company is incredibly professional, friendly, efficient, and a real joy to deal with. With previous movers, the actual moving day was the most stressful part of the move, but with Trans Moving doing the move, it became the least stressful. Not only did they move everything thoroughly, they also unpacked everything with the same attention to detail and skill. In the move I got one small scratch on a piece of furniture, and the guys were apologetic and nice about it, and Trans Moving was diligent in the follow-up to get it repaired. I will definitely use these guys again, and you should use them too!
Samy Vasutheva
11 months ago
VERY DISAPPOINTED! They showed up 4hrs late. The pick was at a seniors house and they showed up at 9 pm, final delivery to my house was at 12:30 AM and I have little kids. Promised me a 15% discount on the phone for the delay but at door charged me full price quoted and wanted cash. On top of all this, they claimed that they tried to contact me during the day to tell me the delay but did not have my correct number, DO NOT USE THEM FOR YOUR PIANO MOVE. They might have been good in the past, NOT ANY MORE. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER.

One more thing, I hired them because of positive reviews. I don't think the reviews are valid since I posted my negative review, they called me and claimed to give me $30 to take off my post. My opinion and the sanity of others outside is NOT negotiable. This might be the reason that they have positive reviews.
A Google User
A Google User
4 years ago
I have hired them because I saw they have good reviews on here. However, I think most good reviews here were left by their employees or their company friends.
They have charged at least $200 dollar extra. I trusted them too much at the time, and did not check the bill, even gave them 15% tip :(
One box full of expensive things (including Christmas gifts I suppose to give to family members)went missing. The values of that box is over $600.
They refuse to give out GST number after over 10 phone conversations, which is public information according to Canada Revenue Agency. This means they are probably scamming the government on tax by not claiming their company revenue.
Overall, they are not a legitimate bussiness. Warning!!!!
A Google User
A Google User
6 years ago
Trans-Moving succeeded in fulfilling a last-minute request of three days prior to the day of the move and ensured that the furniture was moved out from my home at a reasonable rate. They arrived within the time frame, which they had stated, and moved the items in an efficient and careful manner. I was very pleased with their professionalism and dependability. Because moving can be quite stressful, I called everyday for several days leading up to the day of the move and on moving day, I called twice. They were good-natured about those calls and said not to worry. Thankfully, they were indeed true to their words. I have recommended them to others and hope they will be as happy as I was with the level of service provided. Keep up the excellent work!
A Google User
A Google User
5 years ago
When I called Trans-Moving-Toronto I specifically asked for a truck with ramp and they showed up without one. Told me it was $54.00/ hr then added an additional $54.00 for the truck plus $30.00 gas money when they showed up. One of the guys was a good worker the other was lazy. Stated I pay once the job was done. However would not unload until they were paid. Charged me PST when they should only charge GST. All in all a really bad company to do business with. I will never call this company again. I do know how they got 10 good ratings in a row must be friends of theirs.
A Google User
A Google User
4 years ago
Thank you Trans Moving Toronto,
These guys are great professional workers, very polite and very careful. They also have great deals to offer.
Defenetly trust your moving to professionals
Thanks again,
Michelle Graham
A Google User
A Google User
5 years ago
I just want to thank the Trans Moving workers. Extremely friendly, careful and they offer very low prices. I'd definitely recommend them to who ever is planing on moving. Thanks again
Richard White
A Google User
A Google User
2 years ago


  1. I had a horrible experience with Trans moving during my recent move. They were extremely slow, partially due to the fact they showed up with a truck with a broken ramp, and had to slowely lower and raise a platform to load the truck. We were informed there was nothing they could do as there was no other trucks available, and we would not recieve a discount, even though this slowed them down dramaticlly and we were paying by the hour. After the move we discovered two of our ipad were missing, and when contacted Yuri was very dismissive saying that it wasn't the fault of his two movers, even though there was no opportunity for anyone else to steal the items. Would not recommend this company unless you want to over pay, and have things stolen.

  2. We moved our belongings from Montreal to Edmonton and these people MADE OUR LIVES ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE!
    I don't even know where to begin so I'll say it in point form:

    They promised us our stuff would arrive no later than July 6th. They arrived 8 days later. We had to spend hundreds of dollars on hotel accommodations and extra days for car rental. We had to sleep in someone's basement when we just couldn't afford to keep paying for our hotel expenses.
    We have 2 YOUNG CHILDREN and the experience was extremely stressful. They told us we would receive NO COMPENSATION and that there are no negotiations

    They didn't bring enough supplies to package all our belongings, and a large number of our stuff went on the truck without any wrapping at all. They promised me it would get packaged up in transit but I have VIDEO EVIDENCE showing how our belongings stayed that way when they arrived in Edmonton.

    3) DAMAGES!!!
    They damaged our CHANDELIER upon loading it in Montreal. I spoke to them on the phone and THEY PROMISED THEY'D FIX IT but never confirmed this in writing despite me asking them too many times. They later went back on their word, and deceitfully SAID THAT IT WAS BROKEN BEFORE THEY GOT IT. This chandelier is worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars!
    They damaged expensive LAMP SHADES that were never packaged. Like the other stuff, they were simply stuffed somewhere on the truck. They are unusable now.
    They damaged the WOODEN FLOOR of the dining room in our new dwelling!
    We demand compensation for all these damages but they simply ignore us

    They constantly IGNORED MY CALLS AND EMAILS. I only got through to them either via blocked calls or having family/friends call them from other provinces. And whenever I spoke to the boss, he never had the time to talk to me and always told me to communicate via email, which they ignored as well!!!

    Originally he demanded I pay him Quebec tax. A man doing this type of business for so long should have never done this because it is ILLEGAL. Only once I told them it was illegal did he go back and charge me Edmonton tax. The very fact that he originally charged me Quebec tax demonstrates a willingness to add on a few extra hundred dollars to the bill, which he did on many occasions.
    He charged me 8 hours of packing when that wasn't even close to the case. The workers were only at our place for 7 hours. Furthermore, the last hour was not used for packing at all, but for organizing stuff already in the truck. Moreover, the workers he hired (some of which were trashy guys off kijiji, one of which wreaked of marijuana) took at least 4 long (30 minute) breaks. Not only that, THEY RAN OUT OF PACKING MATERIAL (mentioned earlier) at least an hour before finished loading up the truck.
    Why on earth should I be paying for 8 hours of packing?
    HE MADE ME PAY FOR MORE BOXES THAN WE HAD. It is true that we did add stuff from the original quote and I expected him to charge us extra. But he charged us WAY MORE (HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS) than we added! I made this clear in the emails and they were also ignored

    He refused my credit card. He said he would only accept cash. Umm, isn't that illegal??? When I said that I wanted to pay credit card, he said that "the driver doesn't have the credit card machine". If you run a credible business, then ensure your driver has the machine!!!


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