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Miracle movers reviews, all opinions

a month ago
This is my first “Same Day Move”! I booked professional movers and moved from Queensville to Maple last week. They call it residential move. We moved from 3 bedrooms house to 4 bedrooms house. It seems like an easy move, but we had to do so many things before movers arrived. It was a crazy day, my partner called it “nightmare”. When the movers arrived, the stress was gone, and after I signed the documents all the responsibility was transferred to movers! Thanks to Miracle Movers, we had a great move. No broken items, no scratched furniture, nothing like that. Thank you Miracle Movers again. Very efficient, professional and careful moving company! I do recommend Miracle Movers.
Doug King
a week ago
I used Miracle Movers twice already and both of the times I was always trying to get the best price by contacting different moving companies and both of the times miracle movers gave me the best rates.Guys were awesome and careful with my stuff which is incredible since the move went really fast because the timing was tight so they showed me again that professionals is their second name.Thanks again for your awesome service and definitely use you guys again and recommend you to everyone I know.
Service Alert Reviewer
a month ago
If you are in the GTA, stay away from these "Miracle Movers" because you would need a miracle to have a good moving experience (can’t speak for the rest of their locations)... This was the worst moving I ever had (and I moved more than fifteen times in the past decade, both within Toronto and across the country). This time I was moving one bedroom apartment within Toronto - it took 2 movers 8 hours to move my one bedroom (includes loading, travel for 30min between the locations and unloading). Both locations had freight elevators. A bunch of friends would have done a better and faster job than these “professional movers”. Consider this: when I asked the moving team for packing help with some remaining items, I was responded that I didn't request packing assistance in advance, so they would not be helping with it. When I ran out of boxes, they told me that they had some boxes in the truck but the boxes were in such a condition that I wouldn't want to use them...When I wondered why professional movers don’t carry extra boxes in case a customer needs packing supplies, they said “we need to buy supplies from the company”. So on and so forth...According to the movers, everything was my fault – apartment was small, boxes were inconvenient, tape was wrong, traffic was bad...Professional movers respond to the situation at the customer site and come up with solutions – these are amateurs hiring amateurs...It seems that blaming the customer is this company’s tradition – if you read their responses to negative reviews, you will see that everything was the customer’s fault and there was nothing they could do about it...
Response from the ownera month ago
Miracle Movers welcomes this suffering competitor who seeks to sink his unhappiness by posting malicious fake reviews. We trust that all homeowners and consumers will sense the falseness of this fake review. There are numerous reasons why everybody can see this review was not posted by a consumer: 1) it is very unlikely that a customer who moved "more than 15 times" locally and across Canada would publish reviews anonymously. A customer who had moved on average every 8 months along the last 10 years, would be proud to share his valuable moving experience with others under his/her real name; 2) There are no names mentioned in this review. It is unimaginable to spend 8 hours with movers and not remember one name, like Mike, Alex, Philip, Val (to name only several of our movers); 3) "apartment was small, boxes were inconvenient, tape was wrong, traffic was bad" - not only our competitor's creativity skills are extremely poor, but also they are void of logic. A real customer would never express him/herself in this way; 4) if this fake reviewer read and disliked our responses to negative reviews, why did he choose Miracle Movers after all? or, is this suffering competitor desperately trying to mislead the real consumer.
Raul Deverett
a week ago
I would NEVER recommend this company EVER! Where do I start.. I called a few places to get quotes as i have moved a few times now, decided to choose Miracle Movers as the man on the phone assured me they could fit all our items in their 20 feet truck and only one trip was needed. We made the appointed for a Saturday at 9am, and we were moving about 45 min away from our previous house so it was very important that we needed one trip. They arrived on time (the only thing they did right). I should have known something was wrong when they started packing the light things first, everyone knows the heaviest items should always go on first. The two men were very slow at moving items usually carrying one thing at a time. I told them I was leaving first to go collect the keys to our new home and made my partner wait with them while they finished. About 20 minutes later I received a phone call saying that all the items did not fit on the truck as promised, and that they would have to do two trips. I called the manager and was very upset, I was paying this company $65 per hour to do a job that was promised in one trip. I was told there were items such as a large chest of draws, outside table, dining table, about 10 boxes and other varies items. The truck eventually arrived at our new house and again the men started taking things out. The behavior of the two men was very strange. They would carry a mattress inside and leave it in the living room when we specifically asked for them to take them to the bedroom, they seemed to think a mattress would belong in a living room. They would carry the pieces of wood from two separate bedrooms that were obviously from two different beds as the color of wood was different and put them in the same room. They were carrying pillows inside one at a time whilst my family and friends were carrying more than them. They also managed to damage our fridge whilst bringing that inside. I was then told by the truck driver and the manager on the phone that they would met my partner at the old house to collect the rest of the items, so my partner drove to the old property and carried all the furniture onto the front lawn so it would be easier for them to put into the truck. He waited for over an hour for the drivers to arrive, I finally got a phone call back from the manager who said they were never going to do another 2nd trip and hung up on me. As you can imagine I was very angry, not only did I have to pay for 7 hours of work that should have only taken at most 4 hours. My partner then had to carry all the furniture back inside on his own. They ended up coming at 7am the next morning to collect our remaining belongings, the movers on that day were at least faster but hardly spoke any English. I have no idea how this business can operate with this kind of professionalism, their staff were rude. Our moving day was stressful and expensive. I would never recommend this company and am in disbelief at their actions.
Response from the ownera week ago
This is a malicious fake review. We see how our competitor tirelessly is either making up horror stories or copying them from other social networks and posting under fake accounts. Miracle Movers has never moved a customer with this name. We could have posted or attached supportive documents and evidence if such options had existed with google. Moreover, we regret that google tolerates such fake reviews posted under false names with newly created accounts. It is hilarious to watch our competitor loose the track of time. Our hourly rates have changed at least a year ago. All fake reviews from this hate-driven individual, include jobs that should have taken maximum 4 hours, and extremely exaggerated, inflated stories.
Sheldon Kornblum
a month ago
Miracle Movers just did a fantastic job in moving us yesterday....timely, professional and very efficient,
from the initial phone call to arranging the move and the actual move.
Movers Valery and Art made the actual moving day much less stressful than other moves we have done in the past. They were fast, non stop movers and a pleasure to deal with
Thanks for the experience
Marcin Tandecki
a month ago
The apartment that took me and my friends 4 hours to move into, took these "professionals" 6.5 hours to move out from.
Given that part of the service they provide is taking apart and putting together your furniture, they don't have many tools to do the job. They put together my bed which I needed to then fix myself anyway.
They're rather slow given that we used their bins. They needed a lot of guidance on where stuff went when all our bins were labeled.
I had to be there to guide them, I had to help them move stuff out because we ran out of time in our elevator reservation (3 hours is way more than enough, but not for them). All the work that I ended up doing, given the cost, I'd rather have done it with my friends and spend the money on them.
Also, everything seemed to be charged extra with these guys... Even wrapping your furniture in blankets (which seems like a typical thing to do when moving) is $10/item.
Response from the owner4 weeks ago
Hi Marcin. We do not have any booking under your name and therefore assume that you either reviewed your moving experience with the wrong moving company or posted intentionally a malicious fake review. Otherwise, I insist that you email/forward me ( the booking confirmation you received from Miracle Movers upon booking the move with us along with your 5-digit reference number. You included false information in your review: we do not and have never charged additional fees for using the blankets/pads. This, along with many other particulars of our services, is complimentary.
Steve Thomas
a month ago
This is actually my first long distance move! I moved from Montreal QC to Winnipeg MB. Since June this year I was preparing for the Big move. Miracle Movers helped me a lot! The quote was the best one from all that I received. Two men arrived on time. The truck was clean and empty. I moved all the furniture, multiple boxes and some electronics. All my belongings were delivered in the period of 7 days. Movers helped me to unpack the stuff. Since it was a long-distance move I paid by pounds. I am very satisfied with the service. Very friendly staff. Movers worked professionally: fast and careful. Thank you for the great job! You know what you do! Professionals! I will definitely book you for the next move.
Kalya Bryan
2 months ago
I needed to move some furniture and boxes from the storage to my new place. I went online and found Miracle Movers. I spoke with moving specialist – Andrew who was more then patient with all the explanation I needed. I decided to book Miracle Movers because of the good price and nice customer service. In fact, it was a great deal! No hidden processing fees and charges. Very quick and professional movers. Clean and well equipped track. I couldn’t wish a better move. Thank you. I will book you again.
Ashley Lorens
2 months ago
This is the fourth time we are moving. First time I moved by myself. Second time I used movers from craigslist, it was a company without a name, the owner was actually the operator. Third time I moved with small company, the service was ok, but they overcharged me. This time I booked Miracle Movers and I should say it was the most pleasant experience I ever had. The team arrived well equipped, with additional packing and wrapping materials. They used additional layers to protect the furniture. The move was less stressful, with affordable price. I would recommend Miracle Movers to my friends and family, and anyone who is moving. They will provide you an accurate quote, and will do their best to deliver your stuff in the best way possible. A Very good company!
Mike Kirk
3 months ago
I should say I was very nervous about hiring movers. For some reason I can feel whether a moving company is a dark horse, with the movers doing the move with intention to break or steal any of my goods. And of course none of my scary thoughts wasn’t true at all. I booked Miracle Movers online, and received detailed estimate. Also I asked about in home estimate. The house was estimated and it helped to calculate the accurate price. Most of the companies wouldn’t come to provide the in home estimates. But Miracle Movers scheduled it without any problems. The salesman Andrew, explained me about the service and what to expect from the moving team. On moving day 2 man arrived on time. Worked very fast and efficient. I prepared ahead and packed everything that needed to be packed. So they only had to move stuff. I pointed out that the team used additional blankets and bubble wrap for the table legs and electronics which only made $30 to the final bill. It was about 2.5 hours loading all the furniture and boxes. Not a single thing was broken. It was a very pleasant experience. I’m happy I choose Miracle Movers. They are really professional!
Emily O'Connor
4 months ago
I highly recommend Miracle Movers. Once I booked a last minute move from Oshawa to Pickering. Ron was responsive and helpful in finding a spot for me in the peak time during a very busy week for them. Alex and David came right on time that we scheduled beforehand. By far the most professional movers I've used. Miracle Movers were swift, polite and meticulous. They were done with the job much faster than I expected because they had their own efficient way to load the things on the truck carefully. I found Miracle Movers on Google search and they were in the first ones to pop-up. Then I called them because of the positive reviews that I saw on their website. I'm delighted to contribute myself as well!
Response from the owner3 months ago
Thank you for using our company! You can always rely on us!
Aigerim Botpayeva
4 months ago
I looked at the reviews on Google Place and that's why I booked a move with the Miracle Movers from the airport to our place in Kitchener. They were very quick in their answers both on phone and by email. Arrived on schedule, very respectful movers and very efficient dispatchers over the phone exceeded our expectations. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Miracle Movers and they will surely be the first on the list for our next move!
Response from the owner3 months ago
Thank you for placing your trust and confidence! It was a pleasure to assist you!
Anya Yablonska
3 months ago
We moved from Montreal to Toronto. Miracle Movers arrived on time. They helped us with the last of the packing. They moved all of our stuff efficiently, relatively quickly and professionally. The movers were friendly and got the job done on time. Also I enjoyed talking to Alex on the phone. He gave me the best pricing ever and and was super helpful. I will definitely use Miracle Movers for the future moves!
Артёмка Копыток
4 months ago
I used Miracle Movers about 4 months ago. I moved from Oshawa to Toronto. I had a positive experience especially because they charged me less than other moving companies within the GTA and beyond. In general it was a great experience. Miracle Movers showed up on time and we didn't have any issues with any kinds of damages. I would recommend Miracle Movers because the prices were fair and in the same time high quality service. Hopefully this review will help the ones that are looking to book a move.
Response from the owner3 months ago
Thank you for using our company! Thank you very much for your detailed review!
Yuliya Galicina
4 months ago
I asked around and did some research to find a Toronto moving company who would not charge a ridiculous amount of money for the few items I needed moved, just a few blocks away. Miracle Movers definitely offered the best deal. Fixed hourly price, no extra/hidden fees. They were a bit late to the pick up, as they were coming from downtown Toronto and there was construction going on in the city, however the guys were very polite and did the job professionally. They arrived and I showed them the things that needed to be moved down 2 or 3 flights of stairs. The whole move took only 2 hours and a half! I am positive about my next choice when I will be moving next time, as Miracle Movers really know how to make Miracles!
Response from the owner3 months ago
It was a pleasure to assist you Yuliya. Do not hesitate to contact us next time!
Sepp N
7 months ago
Terrible, and it's being kind. These guys agreed a fee with us, packed our stuff....received their payments, but upon moving and unloading it, they all of a sudden doubled their asking price. THERE ARE HIDDEN FEES FOR THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. When we asked why, they quickly dismissed it and hung up on us. They breached their very own contract, and their response to our question for change of price was: "If you're not happy, go ahead with some other company" AFTER THEY HAD COLLECTED $4000 FROM US.
Zero respect towards the customer, hidden fees, full of lies and bs, don't trust a single quote or words they tell you. These guys take zero responsibility and treat the customer like a gullible fool.
Response from the owner6 months ago
This review is fake, we were victimized by one of our competitors.
Olga Korotya
8 months ago
It was my first time using Miracle Movers. I moved with 2 different companies in the past and both times it was horrible. This time everything went well. I booked them 2 months in advance so they helped me to prepare everything ahead of time. By the end of the day i found my belongings moved into the new house and in the right rooms. I will recommend this company to all my friends. They're truly Miracle Movers. Thank you again.
Response from the owner3 months ago
Thank you for using our moving service. It was a pleasure to assist you!
kasey lee
9 months ago
It was a long way from Toronto to Temple Arizona. I moved all the way down back home. It took 16 days to deliver the stuff. Thanks to Miracle Movers everything arrived at time. I expected my belongings to be shipped 2 times faster, but weather conditions worked against of us. Anyway everything was moved safe. The price was competitive because of the distance and weight. But the good part there was no hidden fees. I will recommend Miracle Movers to my friends.
Response from the owner3 months ago
Thank you Kasey for using our Long Distance Service. We are always ready to assist you again.
Marina Aleinikov
5 months ago
This was my third time using Miracle Movers. And I must mention I'm impressed, as now it was even better, they offered me the plastic bins for moving all my fragile items. Thanks to this offer there were no damages, smashed boxes and so on. Even though we had a lot of furniture, they got everything moved in time. As always no hidden fees, no overcharges only a high level service. Thank you guys for your help. Recommend it.
Response from the owner3 months ago
Thank you Marina for using us again! It was a pleasure to help you again.
Gary Smith
8 months ago
Always wanted to find a good moving company and finally did! Everything went much much better than I expected. Polite and fast experienced movers, I never enjoyed moving like I did with Miracle Movers. They used clean blankets and brought a lot more other equipment which made moving fast and safe same time. Wish them the best, I highly recommend this company.
Response from the owner3 months ago
Thank you Gary for using Miracle Movers moving service!
Jessica S
10 months ago
Miracle movers provided me with the best quote for our lengthy move (from London, ON to Aurora, ON). As well, I was VERY impressed by how friendly, trustworthy and most importantly careful the movers were. We had many fragile items (such as a large glass dining room table, glass TV stands, TVs, mirrors, & crystal lamps). None of our furniture was damaged or scratched in the move. Miracle Movers took the time to individually wrap each delicate piece in blankets and tape them efficiently. I would use this company again without a doubt for my next move.

Can't beat their price and am very happy with how careful they were with my things.
Response from the owner3 months ago
Thank you for using Miracle Movers!
Eric Harrison
7 months ago
This was the easiest long distance move I've ever had . Aside from my own time, everything was good and both local and destination movers were accommodating, polite and professional. They both deserve the highest mark!!! Thank you, I will recommend you to everyone I know!!!
Response from the owner3 months ago
Thank you Eric! It is nice to hear such a nice words! Thank you for using Miracle Movers.
Tatiana Troshina
8 months ago
Amazing experience. People around me were always saying that moving is crazy, horrible, and so on. But not in my case. Thanks to Miracle Movers my moving went as smooth as possible. To make the move faster i was advised to hire an extra mover and i want to say it was a good idea. We moved from 3 bedroom heavily furnished house to 4 bedroom one. Miracle Movers did everything great, in time, careful and cleaned the area after the move. Impressive Job! I will definitely recommend you guys.
Response from the owner3 months ago
Thank you for using our company. It was a pleasure to assist you!
Ivan Kokovikhin
8 months ago
I had a pleasant experience yesterday moving with Miracle Movers.
First of all i would like to point out the support team. Mr. Kevin was on the phone with me all the time. Movers came in time and well equipped. Good price, careful and fast moving service. Thank you friends. I will book your company again, it is safe and efficient.
Response from the owner3 months ago
Thank you Ivan, it was a pleasure to assist you!
Karina Galimzyanova
3 months ago
Very positive experience. The crew did a great job, and they handled our stuff with care. David was upfront about price and followed through. They also provided plastic crates, which reduced the waste considerably. I do recommend Miracle Movers.
Christina McCarthy
a year ago
DO NOT USE!!! WORST MOVING COMPANY EVER!!!! These guys are complete scam artists. You think you have insurance???? YOU DON’T!!! I don’t even know where to begin…The mover’s broke my two year old 52” Television because they got into a car accident and after speaking to Kevin at the main office - Miracle Movers REFUSED to pay for it saying “how do we know it wasn’t broken before”. They did not take responsibility for breaking my TV and instead insulted me and essentially called me a liar saying “how do we know it wasn’t already broken”. Meanwhile the movers got in an accident – hitting the exact location where the TV was positioned in the truck. The movers made a stupid choice to back up on Lakeshore West, which is a ONE WAY street, and it resulted in them hitting a guy on a motorcycle ultimately crushing his bike. The movers got out of the truck and instantly blamed the poor guy saying it was his fault (not sure how that is even possible considering the truck was backing up on a one-way street) THAT’S NOT ALL….

2) The movers dropped a box of my wine decanters which had FRAGILE labeled on five sides – I heard everything smash to pieces inside (everything was wrapped in towels and newspaper. They looked up at me and said “opps”. THE RESULT: they only gave me $18 for all of them saying “we estimate the weight of this box to be 30lbs and we only insure $0.60/lbs. Needless to say they were worth A LOT more. Buy the way…this was Kevin at head office saying “we estimate it weighs 30lbs”… the hell could he know how much it weighed when he didn’t pick it up, he wasnt there. The movers couldn’t even remember what box it was or what it weighed…. Head office JUST DECIDES what to give you or what they want to pay

3) A small box with my BOSE speakers in it said fragile on five sides. The movers put it on the bottom of their dolly and stacked two LARGE heavy boxes on top of it which crushed the box. I asked the movers “didn’t you see that it said fragile on all five sides?????” his response was “ha- well you never know what is really fragile”. What an IDIOT. Don’t you think you should air on the side of CAUTION when seeing FRAGILE???

4) when the moving truck was missing for two hours, (keeping in mind that it is only a 2min drive from point-A to point-B, we called the head office and he located them on the GPS and said they were just taking a lunch break. He in fact LIED to us because this is when the car accident happened and Kevin/main office had already spoken with the movers.

5) we paid the movers to disassemble and reassemble our armoires – they put them together all wrong and the doors did not line up. They forgot to put the shelves in before they put the doors on – all which we ended up having to spend an hour and a half doing ourselves – EVEN AFTER THEY CHARGED US FOR THAT TIME THEY WASTED!!!

This is the WORST WORST WORST COMPANY out there. Do not use them. The insurance is a scam. They will only give you a couple bucks for something if the break it because it’s all on their judgement.

The worst part is after ALL of this...all my complaining...they charged me over $700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yulia Volyanskaya
8 months ago
Never thought moving can be great until booked Miracle Movers! I enjoyed the whole booking and moving process..simply incredible company! Many thanks for their effort, I will highly recommend them to all my friends!
Response from the owner3 months ago
Thank you for using our company!
Vahagn Hovhannisyan
a year ago
Ben Jennings
2 years ago
Tia Tariq
a year ago

These movers are horrible absolutely horrible.

They damged some of my things were rude. disappeared for two hours. The list is endless. Never use these movers.
Mark Calaher
2 years ago
We were very satisfied with our long distance move. The two movers showed up right on time and moved quickly. They took reasonable care with our belongings, including a heavy acoustic piano which arrived in one piece and no damage. Although we paid for the optional "full replacement value" insurance, I'm happy to report we didn't need it.
Miracle Movers was the only company I could find that offered same day move between Toronto and Ottawa. In fact, they gave us the option to unload on the same day, or next morning. The final price was within the quoted price range.

We picked them although there were some negative reviews online (like for all movers). One thing that gave me confidence was that they have good record with Better Business Bureau, although they are not members (meaning they didn't pay BBB).
One thing to be cautious about is to double-confirm your quote with them. At first they didn't say that piano moving was extra, until I explicitly asked. Also, make sure to confirm all the details the day before the move when they call you.
Based on my experience, I would definitely recommend Miracle Movers.
Denise Russell
a year ago
The movers are rude and take about 10 smoke breaks over a two hour period. The office doesn't seem to communicate the agreement with the movers so there is constant back and forth with what was agreed upon which wastes time. They seem more interested in running up the clock and smoking than doing any actual moving. I would not recommend this company at all.
Mathew Elliott
a year ago

I hired them to move furniture for one of my clients. They ended up dragging furniture on their new floors, banged furniture into the walls leaving dents and scratches, and on top of all of that they didn't even move everything in the house!

It has taken me 4 business days to get the manager on the phone in order to get this resolved. Whenever I called they either have a "holiday" or they aren't "in" the office, yet 5 minutes later when I try calling back the person I'm looking for answers the phone.

This company won't even own up to the mistake they made, and now I have a very upset client who can't even move into their home because of all the repairs that need to take place because of this company.

Drew Turato
2 years ago
LOVE THIS COMPANY!!! This was my 2nd time using Miracle Movers and I'm happy I chose to go with them again. They were not only on time but early and called to let me know and said not to worry if I wasn't ready, they would wait. The two gentlemen moved all my things into the truck in no time at all! My new place is an old apt. building that isn't mover friendly but that didn't slow them down at all. They always made sure to give me an update on how much longer they would be, placed the furniture exactly where I wanted it to be. I felt cared for and secure. I RECOMMEND Miracle Movers to EVERYONE!!

Mark Chisholm
a year ago
A friend of mine recommended this company and she was right. The two guys I had were hard working and amazing, very careful with my stuff and with not damaging the walls.
Rudolf Olah
2 years ago
Very quick and professional moving company.
Ismayil Suleymanov
7 months ago
Mehtab Khan
a year ago


  1. Let me express my indignation regarding moving company named Miracle Movers. We hired them for Christmas Eve to move our 3 bedroom house. To start with, these are the most unscrupulous and irresponsible service people I've ever met. We were happy to find movers who would be able to work on holiday. As I said we need them for 24 of December, on Christmas Eve. We packed our stuff and were awaiting for the truck and the crew to help us load and move our things. The crew came on time but you should see in what condition! We had feeling that these people started the party before the Christmas Eve and brought the smell of whiskey to the work! More than that, I saw the driver drinking beer and smoking in the truck!!! It was so unprofessional and terrible! All my stuff smelt of cigarettes! My husband was ready to terminate the contract right on the spot, but we decided to give them a chance. That was another bad idea. The driver wanted to move the truck back and damaged our garage roof! This was the limit of patience and we started to argue and you know, I don't remember to be so humiliated by people, like this time! The end of this story is that this "Miracle" mover moved us and made our holiday a nightmare. Their office doesn't reply to our calls. We expected to talk with their owner, but apparently there are some more important things rather than clients in his life. I want to state that this business is a crap!

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  3. Hi all, I want to share my recent experience with the move. I often make transfers, this is due to my current job. The last half of the year, I use the services of this company. My friend advised them to me, he said it was the best company with which it is faced. Now I can confirm this, because for half a year, I have used their services for more than 8 times. For me as a regular customer, make a discount. Very nice to work with them.